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Kibale Forest National Park harbours the greatest variety and concentration of primates found anywhere in Africa. No less than thirteen different species live in this tropical forest, including human’s closest relative, the chimpanzee.

ug1Great Lakes Safaris invites you to stay at Primate Safari Lodge Kibale, our retreat in the middle of this wonderful forest. Whether you choose a high level of comfort, opt to stay in mid-range accommodation or prefer to bring your own tent, Primate Lodge Kibale is the place to stay!

Our tented camp consists of eight spacious safari tents in African style. Each is raised on a wooden platform, offering a splendid view of the surrounding forest. The privately situated tents  feature a spacious veranda, comfortable twin beds and en-suite bathroom.

After waking up to the sounds of nature, follow the path to our spacious open restaurant where a delicious breakfast will be served. The restaurant provides local and international cuisine. Adjacent is a well-stocked bar and cozy lounge where you’re welcome to wile away your afternoons and evenings. Or gather around the open fireplace and relive the highlights of your Uganda tour.

But this is not all! In addition to the tented camp, we also offer comfortable forest cottages. Privately situated in the forest, each cottage has their own veranda, spacious bedroom and en-suite bathroom.

Adventurous travelers are welcome to spend a night high up in our unique Sky Tree House, with a magnificent view over the elephant wallow.

Finally, a well-maintained campsite with shared washing facilities is available for backpackers who prefer to bring their own tent.ug2

It goes without saying that the local community is highly involved in Primate Lodge Kibale. Many of the staff are from the local area. Many other people supply locally grown produce, handmade crafts and entertain you with cultural performances.

The most important Uganda safari activity in Primate Safari Lodge Kibale’s surroundings is of course the chimp trekking, offered in the morning and afternoon. Enjoy a guided nature walk while being educated and entertained by experienced wildlife ranger guides. The habituation experience will give you the opportunity to come face to face with the chimps in a very special way.

Wildlife enthusiasts are invited to sign up for our nocturnal walk – and go in search of the bushbaby and potto!

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Come and witness the wonders of the African jungle where 
Primate Lodge Kibale will be your home!