Northern Pare Mountains

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‘Usangi Village’
‘Where you can get a real impression of rural African life while enjoying the tropical vegetations on sloping mountains’
The Northern Pare Mountains are situated 50km, South-east of Kilimanjaro Region. Usangi is the heart of the mountains and a centre of the economic activities. Local factories produce bricks, stoves, pottery and clothes. Some families brew beer in their backyards, using traditional methods. Every Monday and Thursday, a colorful market is held where farmers from the surrounding villages come to sell their harvest.

We offer,
• A walk through Kindoroko forest reserve, a natural rainforest to the top of the mountains.
• Climbs to different mountain peaks for excellence view of Mount Kilimanjaro,Lake Jipe and Nyumba ya Mungu dam.
• A visit to historical relics from time of tribal war and colonial rule.
• A glimpse of Pare culture.
• A view of various projects i.e.; irrigation, soil conservation and reforestration.

One day tour;
• Kindoroko mountain climb and rainforest tour.

From Chomvu Cottage hike through a natural rain forest where is the home of Blue monkey and different species of seasonal tropical birds.

• Kamwala Mountain climb;
Learn about the past and local traditions as you climb through the Chegho moorland. On the way to the top of the Kamwala Mountain, enjoy scenic
views of the Pare Mountains.

• Mangatu view tour
Walk through farms on the lower parts of the slopes and climb to Mangatu moorland (1,600m). On the top are the Mbale clan fores, from where you get excellent views of Mount Kilimanjaro and Lake Jipe.

Other tours can be organized e.g,
• Hikes to smaller mountains
• Visits to ancient tunnels and waterfalls.
• Walking safari to Lake Jipe is one to one and half an hour and once there, you can canoe to spot hippos and crocodiles.

Where to stay;

Chomvu Cottage is available together with a locally owned hotel in the town of Usangi to accommodate you when doing a tour of several days.

Camping site is available.

Tour Guides:-
The guides of the Cultural Tourism Programmer are of the Wapare tribe who knows well the area, their culture & history and speaks English.