Cultural Safaris

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Cultural Tours

Several Cultural Activities are available in the area surrounding Moshi

  • Blacksmith and Carpenter
  • Traditional Coffee Roasting
  • Chagga House
  • Underground Cave
  • Banana Beer

Blacksmith and Carpenter


Visit the local Chagga blacksmith who continues to use traditional methods to prepare spears and tools. You may even want to try to keep the fire going yourself. Afterward a stop at the carpenter’s work shop, following banana beer being brewed the traditional way.


Banana Beer (Mbege)

Mbege, also known as banana beer is a traditional brew of the Chagga People. This alcoholic drink is made from ripe fermented bananas. Brewing banana beer is done by hand and labor intensive. After having been mashed, the bananas are cooked for six hours and left to ferment for up to seven days.

After fermentation the mixture is strained and a mixture of flour from finger millet and water is added.

It is then left to sit an additional day before consumption.

You will be shown how the brewing process works and for the brave hearted given a cup to taste.

Chagga House


Visit the traditional Chagga house. A very efficient cone-shaped house with one door and no windows, the roof thatched with dried grass or banana leaves. Within, a sleeping area, a cooking area, a storage area and an area for live stock. Because these houses tended to be large, they were built with the assistance of other villagers.

By the end of the nineteenth century Swahili houses, initially constructed by chiefs, were introduced. These rectangular houses were made with walls of interwoven sticks and mud (wattle), and thatched roofs. Nowadays they are built with cement and corrugated metal roofs.

Underground Tunnels and Caves

These 200 year old tunnels and caves were dug by the Chagga people during the days of tribal wars with the Maasai.

They served as hide outs for people and their livestock who would live underground for months. Look outs at the tunnels entrances would hide and wait for a secret signal only the inhabitants knew. Anyone entering without giving the signal first, would be killed.

Traditional Coffee Roasting


A local Chagga woman will demonstrate Coffee roasting the traditional way. You will be shown how the bean is peeled, dried, roasted and finally ground in a mortar by hand thru continuous pounding.

Because all work, from the bean to the ground coffee, is done manually, drinking a fresh cup of home grown coffee involves a labor intensive process first.

Chagga Market

The Chagga Market takes place every Wednesday and Saturday.