Masai Village Tour

Maasai Village Tour

Note: Maasai Village tour can be undertaken while in most of Kenya's National Parks, please inquire with us

A visit to a Maasai Boma (Masai village tour) is an Masai Villageinteresting experience. As you arrive at the village, excited children and adults welcome you with song and dance, At certain times, one of the dancers will jump up and down gracefully. The jumps are several feet high! You will be invited to try jumping -(dancing), too, to your dismay you will be no match for their levitation act!!

You will then be welcomed into one of the homesteads in the village, The village huts (called Manyatta) are made of cow dung and clay plastered over stick frames. this is quite practical, the Masai maintain cattle herds, and the dung is always in generous supply, and it's free. One of your host will give you an insight into Maasai life, some of them may not speak English but our guides will interpret for you and the elders so that stories may be exchanged. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about Sabana 08the history and lifestyle of these Maasai. You may ask as many questions as you like and take photographs.

The Maasai Market is held every Tuesday (if you are lucky and your tours falls on this day) you will see many villagers buying and selling a variety of goods including homeopathic remedies, local clothing and cereals. You may even taste the local brews. Here you will get an opportunity to buy a souvenir to take back home, a memoir to cherish.

The money collected from this tour is ploughed back to the local Maasai community to cater for social amenities and development of the villages.